Adara’s Books

Adara's Books

Adara’s books are a little darker and more serious than Ariana’s.

The Host


Semi-immortal, half-angels, warriors.

They stand between humankind and the forces of evil. Continually risking their lives for those who have no idea that such things exist. The life of a nephil is a hard one. More than human but with all the weaknesses of one, life is a constant struggle to not succumb to their power, to abuse it and become the very thing they battle against. Yet the eternal fight within themselves will eventually drive them insane. Their only options are to go mad or go bad.

Unless… they can find their mate. Each nephil has only one possible mate. The one person meant for them. The one who can keep them balanced. Except, the world is a large place and nephilim live for centuries. What are the chances of finding that one person?

With the awakening of an old prophecy, potential mates are beginning to appear. Yet, the demons have prophecies and plans of their own. Life is about to become much more interesting.

The books in this series are best read in order.

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Book 0.5


Book 1


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Book 4


Book 5

Blood Mates


Semi-immortal, schemers, violent.

Life inside a vampire nest is never easy. For many, power means everything  and loyalty means nothing. Danger is everywhere – from demons, from other vampire nests, and even from nest-mates.

For this nest in particular, life is even harder. The previous Lord, Draven, was especially cruel and ruled with absolute power. Those who survived his reign now struggle to adapt to their new Lord. Many are edging toward blood lust, a total lack of control that would lead to execution.

Hope exists in the form of Blood Mates, humans who are mates to vampires and can supply them with plenty of high quality blood as well as companionship. Such mates are protection against ennui and blood lust. Yet finding a Blood Mate comes with its own problems. Once a vampire identifies their Blood Mate, they are forever unable to feed from anyone else.

Finding a Blood Mate is complicated. Keeping one is a challenge. Losing one is unthinkable.


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Lord of the Night

Book 1