The Host, Book 3


Half-vampire, half-angel, Nero has it tougher than most. Doubly cursed, not only must he fight his nephil nature to avoid turning rogue or losing his sanity, he must also fight against blood lust and the ennui that affects older vampires. Losing the battle, he is determined to destroy himself before he can become the monster he fears is inside him. There’s just one task he has to complete first. One old friend who needs his assistance before he can finally be at peace.

Jasmine’s life was torn apart by creatures of the night. Twice. They won’t do it a third time. Raising her younger siblings by herself, she cannot forget about the demons and vampires that stalk through the world. She spends her nights hunting down and destroying every monster she can find. She won’t stop, can’t stop, not when she knows the damage they can inflict on innocent lives.

Can attraction be enough in such a mismatched couple? Can there ever be any common ground? How can she possibly save him when she is determined to destroy every member of his species?

Nero is designed to be part of a series. While this couple’s story is complete and there are no cliffhangers, not all background plots will be resolved. These books are best read in order.

This book contains explicit sex scenes as well as some violence and adult themes.

Available as an e-book and also a paperback.