Changing His Stripes

Bearbank, Book 5


Tiger shifter Sebastian Moretto has been groomed from birth to inherit his family’s businesses. While his younger siblings played, he studied and worked at being the perfect son. He always envied his siblings their freedom. His life is quiet, steady, restrained. Boring. No doubt a suitable tigress with an excellent pedigree would be found for him to produce a perfect heir. As always, he would do his duty, no matter how much his soul cried for something else. Something more.

Katie McKenzie doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘restrained’. The youngest child, and only girl, of a boisterous lion family, she grew up wild and uninhibited. A tendency to act before thinking and to say whatever crosses her mind has landed her in trouble many times. Embracing life to the fullest, she loves her family and friends, but one thing is missing. One by one, her friends have found their mates, and Katie is still alone. When will it be her turn?

Can they see past their differences to build a future? How can either of them be what the other needs?

This book contains explicit sex scenes. There are no cliffhangers.

Available as an e-book and also a paperback.


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