Month: July 2017

What is Adara Up To?

Quite a lot actually! Busy, busy.

At the moment, I’m revamping Teo (The Host prequel novella). It was one of the first things I wrote and I felt it could use a bit of a polish. It’s also been expanded quite a bit! I’m still polishing, but I should have it uploaded everywhere soon. Since it’s longer, I should also be able to get a paperback version made too. Yay!

I’m also reading over the proof copies of Bomani (Adara) and Spot The Hybrid (Ariana), so those paperbacks should be available soon too. Writing-wise, I’m working on Changing His Stripes (Bearbank) and Kai (The Host), while also working on a new spin-off series about The Old Ones. We first heard of The Old Ones in The Host series. Although the series are connected, you can read one without the other. I plan on The Old Ones as being a series of stand-alone books. The first book will be Predicting Ares. I do also plan on a spin-off about the vampires, but I’d better finish Ares’ story first.

Anyway, that is plenty to keep me busy for now!

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Hello there

Hey there!

Welcome to my new look website. Everything has been moved around and tidied up. The biggest change is to the books section. The main page contains thumbnails of the books in each series. If you click on one, you’ll be taken to the page specifically for that book. From there, you can see a bigger picture of the cover, the blurb, and the buy links. It should make it easier to find what you need, particularly as I add new series. Otherwise, you’d be scrolling down indefinitely to get to the newer books.

All the links should be working now. Personally, I’m loving the new look 🙂

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