Quite a lot actually! Busy, busy.

At the moment, I’m revamping Teo (The Host prequel novella). It was one of the first things I wrote and I felt it could use a bit of a polish. It’s also been expanded quite a bit! I’m still polishing, but I should have it uploaded everywhere soon. Since it’s longer, I should also be able to get a paperback version made too. Yay!

I’m also reading over the proof copies of Bomani (Adara) and Spot The Hybrid (Ariana), so those paperbacks should be available soon too. Writing-wise, I’m working on Changing His Stripes (Bearbank) and Kai (The Host), while also working on a new spin-off series about The Old Ones. We first heard of The Old Ones in The Host series. Although the series are connected, you can read one without the other. I plan on The Old Ones as being a series of stand-alone books. The first book will be Predicting Ares. I do also plan on a spin-off about the vampires, but I’d better finish Ares’ story first.

Anyway, that is plenty to keep me busy for now!