Month: August 2020

Hi there!

Okay, first of all, I am sorry about the radio silence lately. Real life has been crazy for the last couple of years and I’ve had so little time for writing. I know my releases have been few and far between. My soul is a little battered and bruised, but I’m gradually carving out more time for writing, so I’m hoping to get back on track.

I am almost done with my first Ariana book in a while. Making Him Howl is Amara’s story and I’m hoping to have it completed soon. It’s in the editing stages where I’m checking for mistakes (I do tend to type like a drunken monkey) and making sure it’s ready. Once done, I’ll get it uploaded everywhere and let everyone know. Yay! I do fully intend to write quite a few more Bearbank books. There are still so many interesting characters who want their stories told, and Anna Russell is nowhere near finished with her matchmaking.

Also, I have sparkly shiny new covers for both Adara and Ariana’s books. Yay! They are gradually rolling out across the various stores.

I still have lots of plans for my Adara personality (*ahem* pen name) too. Once I have Making Him Howl out for release, I’ll be throwing myself back into Kai’s story for book five of the Host. I also have plans for more Blood Mates books, some Old Ones books (I know, I know… I’ve been sitting on the first one for ages), and another new series (that I haven’t even named yet). So many ideas!

Again, I’m sorry about the delay. Life is weird, unpredictable, and has a habit of biting you in the ass when you least expect it. I’m sure you can all relate.

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