Month: July 2019

News! Finally!

News! Finally!

Hi. I am so sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been crazy and I’ve had so little time.

My mother’s health took a turn for the worse and I ended up as her full-time carer. It was all quite intense for a while and I had no time to myself, hence a complete lack of writing. Now, things are not back to normal but they are hugely improved. I’ve been back to writing/editing again, slower than before but getting it done.

Finally, I’m ready to release a new book. Whoo! “Lord of the Night” will be released on 7th August. This book begins a new series called Blood Mates (which I would not have started if I’d known everything was going to go so wrong with my life!). It is an Adara Anderson book and a spin-off from the Host series (which I promise I am still writing). As the title suggests, this series will focus on the vampires. Although it’s a spin-off, you should be able to read either series without the other. All you’re missing are a few references here and there. “Lord of the Night” is already available to pre-order in all the usual places – except Google Play where there seems to be a hold-up. Links to where to buy are on the Books page of this site. I’ll add the Google Play link when I have it.

So, what’s next? Well, I think it’s time to don my Ariana personality and check in on the residents of Bearbank. After that, I’ll get back to Kai’s book for the Host series.

Hope you missed me at least a little 😉

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